Where is the cottage located?  Amble Lane Cottages are located at 436 Elgin Street in Port Elgin, Ontario. For driving directions, click here

Do the cottages have wireless internet?
YES! You can access WiFi from any of the three cottages.

Is the cottage located near water, does it have a beach and what type? The cottages are located a leisurely 8 minute walk from Port Elgin's incredible beach. The beach boasts 10km of fine sandy beach. With glittering warm water so delightful, it was thought to be medicinal in the 1920's! The water has sandbars that make it shallow even far out, warming the water and making it a safer place for young children to swim.

What is the size of the cottages? The cottages are approximately 500-800 square feet in area.

How far is the nearest town or city center? Downtown Port Elgin is about 1 km from the cottages.

How far is the grocery store, supply store, outfitter? These are located in downtown Port Elgin, only 1 km away.

What is the neighbourhood like? It is a relaxed cottage residential neighbourhood that is safe for young children.

Is parking available on the property? One parking space per cottage is available on the property beside each cottage.

Does cellular phone coverage extend to the area? Yes it does.

Is there any thing to do in Port Elgin if it rains? Yes! In case you can't make it to the beach, Port Elgin does offer a movie theatre, bowling alley, library and movie rental store (your own DVD player required).

Are pets allowed on the property or in the cottages?  No pets are allowed either on the property or in the cottages.

Is smoking permitted in the cottages? No smoking, no vaping, no e-cigarettes, no recreational drug use is permitted in the cottages.

What is the rental cost per week? Please click here to view rental rates.

How is the rate determined (number of guests or flat weekly rate)? Flat weekly rate.

What type of payment is required? E-Transfer.

Is a deposit required? Yes, a deposit is required to secure a cottage booking. Your deposit converts to a security deposit which is refunded within 14 business days after check out.

Is there a security deposit?
Yes, we have a refundable security deposit that is returned to you within 14 days of departure. See your receipt for details.

What is the booking process? There are 4 easy steps:

Step 1. Contact Merlene to determine availability. Call toll free 1.800.873.7305 or email

Step 2. Complete & return cottage rental application.

Step 3. Send e-transfer to

Step 4. Enjoy your holiday! Check-in is at 3pm Saturday. Checkout is at 10am the following Saturday.

What are the cancellation terms and what cost are involved for summer rentals? Deposit amounts, less $50 administration fee, will be refunded when cancellation is requested, in writing, prior to April 1st. After April 1st, deposits are non-refundable.

What are the summer check-in and checkout times?  Summer check-in is Saturday at 3pm. Checkout is Saturday at 10am.

Where and when can you pick up the keys to the cottage? All cottages are equipped with key-pad entry locks. Once full payment has been received, the access code for the cottage will be sent.

Do you offer month to month rentals? Yes we have do have off-season month to month rental available. Contact us for more details.

Is there access to a nearby dock for boats? Contact Port Elgin Harbour for complete information: (519) 832-6535 or visit their website:

Can a powerboat or sailboat be stored on the property? Due to limited space, no boats may be stored on the property including boats or watercraft on trailers. Contact the Port Elgin Harbour for parking availability (see above question).

Does a nearby outfitter rent boats? Yes - contact the Port Elgin Welcome Centre for more information, their telephone number is 519-832-2332.

What type of beach is available? The cottages are located just an 8-minute walk from Port Elgin's incredible beach. The beach boasts 10km of fine sandy beach. With glittering warm water so delightful, it was thought to be medicinal in the 1920's. The water has sandbars that make it shallow even far out, warming the water and making it a safer place for young children to swim.

Is the water shallow or deep? Due to the sandbars on the beach, the water is shallow for several meters. This is ideal for families with young children.

Is the beach safe for novice swimmers and children? Due to the sandbars on the beach, the water is shallow for several meters. This is ideal for novice swimmers and families with young children.

Are there any hiking trails in the area? Lace up your hiking boots and discover the scenic and world famous Bruce Trail. For more information visit:

Are there any provincial parks or conservation areas nearby? MacGregor Point Provincial Park (519) 389-9056; Brucedale Conservation Area (519) 389-4516; Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area (519) 389-7206.

Are there any summer activities or attractions at the beach? During the summer on Wednesdays, the beach is transformed by over 50 vendors into a bustling market place at the Port Elgin Flea Market. Sunday evenings relax and listen to live music at the Port Elgin bandshell. Beginning in July and running until Labour Day local bands perform at 7:30pm. The train station on the beach offers a tour by miniature steam train of Northshore Park daily during the summer. You can also enjoy 18 holes of mini-golf fun plus a practice green to perfect your game!

Is there a tourist information centre nearby? The Port Elgin Welcome Centre is located at 559 Goderich Street in Port Elgin. This is about 1 km from the cottages and their telephone number is 519-832-2332.

Is outdoor furniture supplied for the patio? Each cottage provides a picnic table and two outside chairs to enjoy the outdoors.

How equipped is the cottage? The cottages are equipped with numerous items. Click here view the list of items included.

What about cooking supplies: salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard? Please bring your own cooking supplies and food.

How many bedrooms and beds are available? Each cottage has two bedrooms and have two double beds and pull out couch.

Are linens and towels supplied? No. Please bring your own linens, blankets, towels and paper products (Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom).

Are running water, heating, electricity, telephone and TV available? Running water (drinkable), heating, electricity, A/C, smart TV. Please log out of your accounts before you leave if you sign into netflix/disney/prime etc on our TVs.

Is there a BBQ? Each cottage has a propane gas BBQ.

Is firewood supplied for camp fires? No - you may bring your own firewood or purchase it locally.

Is there a laundromat nearby? A laundromat is approximately 1 km from the cottages.

Is there a fire extinguisher? Each cottage is equipped with a fire extinguisher.

Where is the nearest hospital or clinic? Located on High St., Southampton, is the Southampton site of the Grey-Bruce Health Services an 18 bed, 24 hour, active treatment hospital that focuses on primary care. For more information visit: Grey Bruce Health Services
Who do I contact in the case of any problems with the cottages?
The owners of Amble Lane Cottages can be directly contacted at 1-800-873-7305.


What are the cottage rules?

No Pets on or in the cottages or on the property
No smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes or any other recreational drug use
No large events
No camping/tents/RVs
There are 3 cottages on our property. We ask that you be respectful of each group as well as our neighbours. We would appreciate if you could keep noise/music down after 10pm if possible.

Kitchen: Please help yourself to anything in the kitchen. To prevent ants, we request that you wash dishes after use, and keep the counters free from crumbs & other food or sticky substances. Please ensure all dishes are washed & put away before check out.

Garbage: Saugeen Shores has a very strict garbage and recycling system. We ask you carefully read the recycling labels on our blue bins behind cottage #2 as the city will not take our recycling if it is not sorted properly. Same with garbage. Please follow the instructions exactly as the city will not take our garbage if not disposed of properly. Compile all garbage into 1 large garbage bag (not grocery bags- the City will not take these!), affix 1 yellow tag & place in wooden garbage bin in front of Cottage 1.

Furniture: We ask you to keep the furniture placed as it is. That way, we will keep our furniture in good condition for the next guests. Furthermore, we would appreciate if you respect the furniture like it is your own.

BBQ: Your cottage has a propane BBQ for your private use. We kindly ask you to clean it after each use. Tinfoil is great to reduce the clean up.

Lawn/Outside: Please help us keep the cottages safe for children. Cigarette butts and bottle caps left on the lawn are a choking hazard. Please pick up after yourself.

* Our lawn service is on Fridays around 9am. Please ensure your cars are not blocking entry to our property (especially cottage #1). Please also pick up your belongings, toys, chairs etc on Thursday night. And finally, if they are ready to cut your section of the property, we kindly ask you go inside for the few minutes they need to cut the lawn. Our lawn service company has requested this for your safety.

Leaving for the day: Please remember to lock the cottage before you leave for the beach. We are not responsible for any damage, lost, or stolen items.

Save the environment: We kindly ask you to turn off the A/C if you have the doors or windows open.